About US


In this modern world with an infinite amount of data generated every day from every aspect of our lives. That data can be utilized by the people to improve the lives of people in which the data is generated from.

Today’s technology is capable of delivering outstanding solutions to many unresolved issues from farming and food productions, healthcare improvement, disaster management and Education.

OK Somalia is part of the Open Knowledge International non-profit network focused on open data. OK International advocates helping civil society to access and use data to solve social problems.  OK International provides tools and Technologies to open data, analyze and visualize data.

OK Somalia is started by a group of Tech savvies passionate about Semantic web and big data and openness of data. We advocate through community forms, awareness campaigns, training to solve social issues and enable people to understand open data and create, manage and share knowledge.


Our mission is to enlighten and educate the society the power of openness of data and knowledge and inform and empower citizens on their right to access data.


We believe the best way to tackle human problem is to open knowledge and information make accessible to society so empower people to solve local challenges. We believe communities should have the ability to use and understand data to shape their lives.