Data Literacy Training Program

Data Literacy Training Program In recent years Data Literacy has become a global issue and many data literacy initiatives have been documented throughout the world, particularly in the field of Higher Education. Open knowledge Somalia introduces an initiative for Data Literacy to assist researchers, data journalists, scholars, Liberians, and other Professions. This initiative intends to […]

Open Data Day 2019 Somalia

Open Data Day is a yearly celebration of open data all around the world. 2019 OPEN Knowledge Somali organized for the 1st time Open Data Day event in Mogadishu for the local community. The event has been discussed the key issues about open data, open Education and open mapping. The participants learn about the importance […]

Muhiimada Xogta Furan (Open Data)

Muhiimada Xogta Xogtu (DATA) waxay leedahay awooda balaaran oo saameeyn xoogan ku yeelankaro habka bulshadu u nooshahay. Dunida maanta waxaa loo yaqaana (Information Age ) Casriga Macluumaadka maxaayeelay waxaa maalintii oo qur ah la abuuraa xog kabadan 2.5 Quintillion bytes (Domosapiens, 2019). Xog Hufan (Open data) waa xogta si xor ah u isticmaali karo, u […]

Welcome to Open Knowledge Somalia

Open Knowledge Somalia Open Knowledge (aka OK) Somalia is part of the Open Knowledge International non-profit network focused on open data. OK, International advocates helping civil society to access and use data to solve social problems.  OK, International provides tools and Technologies to open data, analyze and visualize data. OK, Somalia is started by a […]